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UW Stout Student Blogs - Spring 2011

(Begin posting here - in alphabetical order, please).


Carter, Lori (Memphis, TN) http://loriselearningblog.wordpress.com/

Chapman, David (Lusaka, Zambia) http://dagchapmanza.wordpress.com/

Delcourt, Cynthia (Madison, WI) http://cmdelcourt.wordpress.com/

Gavlin, Ted (Grayslake, IL) http://www.tgav.net/blog/blog.php

Jacobson, Kinga (Sister Bay, WI) http://kjwi2010.wordpress.com/

Kuethe-Strudthoff, Denise (Stoddard, WI)  http://librarianwired.wordpress.com/

Kume, Albana (Brescia, Italy) http://akumeblog.wordpress.com/

Latorraca, Ellen (Milwaukee) http://latorrel.wordpress.com/

Messina, Tania (Cambridge, WI) http://taniaelearning.wordpress.com/

Taylor, Linda (Roscoe, IL) http://lindamtaylor.wordpress.com/

Taylor, Linda (Roscoe, IL) E-Portfolio http://lindataylor.jimdo.com/

Vobornik, Stephanie (Eau Claire, WI) http://stephanievobornikeportfolio.jimdo.com/ (must copy and paste link into browser)

Watters, Caroline (Brick, NJ) http://carolinewatters.wordpress.com/





UW Stout Student Blogs - Fall 2010

(Begin posting here)

Bhaskar P. Singh's Blog: http://singhb3503.wordpress.com 

Mariette Baker-McDermid's Bloghttp://mb208.wordpress.com/  

Jeanne Norville's Blog: http://jnorville.edublogs.org/ 

Michelle Hill's Blog: http://michellehillportfolio.weebly.com/reflection-journal.html 

Judy Satkiewicz's Blog: http://.jsatkiewicz.wordpress.com

Kate Grovergrys Blog:  http://kategblog.wordpress.com/

Rich Denhart's Blog: http://rdenhart.com/wordpress/

Evan Abbey's Blog: http://eabbey.wordpress.com

Monique Jordan's (very beginner) Blog:  http://mjmjmj3.wordpress.com

Leya Hoy's Blog: http://hoyjournal.wordpress.com

Lisa Riehle's ) Blog: ( View This One)  http://riehlel.pbworks.com/


Lisa Riehle's Blog: ( This one under construction, having issues obtaining editing icons)  http://riehlel.wordpress.com/reflection-journal-of-lisa-riehle/


Pat Karlovitz  http://karlovitzp.wordpress.co.m







UW St.out Student Blogs - Summer 2010

Please post your personal blog address below for easy access by all.


Kevin Schuchmann's Blog: http://kevinselearning.wordpress.com/


Allison Bingham's Blog: http://binghama.wordpress.com


Judy Barnicle's blog:  http://barniclej.wordpress.com


Melissa Henderson - Assessment in E-Learning http://hendersonm4810.wordpress.com/


Gwen Hennessey - Assessment in E-Learning http://gdh2blog.wordpress.com or



Brenda Mickens' Blog     http://mickensb0971.wordpress.com


space blog : space


Matt Owen : budget hotels London


engagement rings : engagement rings


Dean Marks's Blog: green nail Peak District hotels


Ann O'Harris, Ann Arbor, MI --http://oharrisa.wordpress.com/


C-C O'Malley's Blog: http://omalleyc.edublogs.org/


Lorrie Polesky's Blog:  http://poleskyl.wordpress.com/


Pam Pleviak's Blog: http://pleviakportfolio.blogspot.com/


Aaron Thurman's Blog: Weekend Offender Polo Shirts


Norma Thiese's Blog: http://nthiese.wordpress.com/


Sherri Tumicelli's Blog: http://s4e66i.wordpress.com


Harriet Wilt's Blog:  http://aelharriet.wordpress.com/


Julie Nabors' Blog: http://julienabors.wordpress.com/


Courier Services : Courier Services


adult classifieds : adult classifieds


Bibba Dobyn's Blog: http://bibba1.wordpress.com


Barb Jacobson's Blog: http://jacobsonb1206.wordpress.com/ motorcycle transport


JoAnn Harrison's Blog: http://joannharrison.wordpress.com/


David Bickel's Blog: http://bickeld.wordpress.com


Alfi Velasco-Hurst's Blog:   http://sites.google.com/site/alfivelascohurst/alfi-s-assessment-blog   


Pamela Gustafson Blog    http://recycledteacher.blogspot.com/


Dave Kunkle's Blog: http://davekunkle.wordpress.com/


Tracy Ponder's Blog http://sites.google.com/site/elearninglibrarian/ This is my e-Learning Profile, be sure to click on Assessment in e-Learning Blog. Thanks!


Karen Nickel's Blog http://nickelk7804.wordpress.com


Simon Terry's Blog how to get rid of toenail fungus


Renee Williams - Assessment in E-Learning Blog http://assessmentin-learningsummer2010.blogspot.com/


Kim Audetat's Blog  http://audetatk.wordpress.com/


Mary McLaughlin's Blog - http://marymctech.wordpress.com


Staci Rubenzer's Blog: http://rubenzers.wordpress.com/


Marilyn Fassett -http://fassettm.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/

Marilyn Fassett-Assessment taxonomy table template  

Mike Walz's, Hudson, WI - Blog:  Mike's Blog




As a helping hand, or video, I've put the links I've created below. I hope they help!


To customize a header with your own photo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXojRZo7IJs

To add a ClusterMap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1KjHG1bHH4

To add links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlIQXNa5niA

 --As an important note, here's the code you'll need: <a href="/url">Link text</a>

     Remember, between the quotes would be the website, and where it says Link text you would write your own title. So, if you wanted to create a link of our blog collection, the html code would be (and yes, you could copy and paste this and it should work):

 <a href="/http://uwstoutblogs.pbworks.com/">Our collection of blogs</a>


The last one is just something simple to clean up your blog a bit. It will separate your posts to give a cleaner appearance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsdxWTLc6cY


UW Stout Student Blogs - Spring 2010

Enjoy visiting and commenting in each others' blogs as the weeks progress.  Please post your personal blog address below for easy access by all: 

Allison Bingham's EduBlog (http://binghama.edublogs.org

Keiva Jones' s Blog


Kristal Kagy's blog  http://kk2010.edublogs.org/

Chris Gamel's blog http://chrisgamel.edublogs.org/

Elizabeth Hansen-Clay's blog http://eliz-assessmentine-learning.blogspot.com 

Kim Holllman's Blog http://kimhollman.blogspot.com/

Jason Holter's blog http://www.holterblog.blogspot.com/



Dale L. Johnson's blog http://northstargreen.blogspot.com

Maite Kilpatrick´s blog http://mkilpatrick.edublogs.org/

Robyn Kramer's blog http://reddogs-remark.blogspot.com

Carol Kubota's blog http://www.classroom20.com/profile/CarolEKubota

Neuza Pedro's blog http://etudovaimudando.blogspot.com

Lynette Russell's blog http://lynetterussell.edublogs.org/

Jason Schenzel's blog http://jschenzel.wordpress.com/assessment-in-e-learning

Sue Stalewski's blog http://suestalewski.edublogs.org

Chris Dittemore's blog   

Katrina Steiner's Blog

Brenda Vogds blog http://vogdsonline.blogspot.com/


Louis Whittington's Blog http://louisal1.edublogs.org/

Sue Zittlow's Blog http://szittlow.edublogs.org/

Paul Ericksen's Blog: http://paulericksen.edublogs.org/







UW Stout Student Blogs - Fall 2009


Enjoy visiting and commenting in each others' blogs as the weeks progress.  Please post your personal blog address below for easy access by all: 


Donald LaFleur's blog site : http://donaldla.blogspot.com/


Ann Williams blog site: http://williams-a.blogspot.com/


Jennie Hoffmann's blog:   http://jennie-hoffmann.blogspot.com/


Andrea Schullo's blog site: http://andreaschullo.blogspot.com/


Anna Lardinois' blog can be found here  http://azlardinois.edublogs.org/



Social Media Agency Manchester 


Greg Rien's blog can be found at:    http://hcaet.edublogs.org


Alex Braden's Blog is here


Joyce Pederson's Blog is http://pedersonjoy.edublogs.org


Jake Sherman's blog can be found at : http://educ762-jacobqsherman.blogspot.com/


Shelley Lee's blog can be found at: http://shelleylee.edublogs.org/


Rick Sanchez's blog http://rick-uwstout.blogspot.com/ 


To Do ListTo Do ListCompany PoliciesMeetingPhyllis Harris blog http://pharris623.edublogs.org/


Laurie Simon's blog http://lauriebitsandtips.blogspot.com/


Melissa Weege's blog http://weegeme.edublogs.org/


Don Wright's blog http://donselearningblog.blogspot.com/


Karen Ditmer's blog: http://kditmer223.blogspot.com/ 


Suzan Van Beaver's blog: http://vanbeavers.edublogs.org 



Matt Weege's blog http://uwstoutweege.blogspot.com/


Joe Earley's Google Site Earley Education Blog is here 



Jim Terry's blog about nail disorders is here


Simon Webb's blog about how to get rid of toenail fungus is here




-   Pflasterfugenmörtel wasserdurchlässig


-   Fliesen versiegeln

-   Imprägnierung Granit




Miki Nomura's blog: http://mikinomura.edublogs.org/2009/09/30/hello-world/ 




car transporter trailer


Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals




Check Out Another Wiki! I figured that since I help keep this wiki "safe" it'd be okay to link to mine.


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Don't forget to set your blog so that anybody can comment on each post. Otherwise, we're just dying to say something, but can't. How you do that is different in each blogging "platform." Fran @ CT

Joe Earley said

at 10:14 am on Oct 1, 2009

So many places to look. This is the challenge....I said it before last week...there are so many places to write and type. So many passwords, so many email accounts. So much hunting and pecking.

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